Welcome to CyanmasterTube 4.0! - January 4, 2021


it's finally here on CyanmasterTube, All Features have been added to the website, the new update is here. have a happy late new year 2021!

- Cyanmaster


Halloween - October 31, 2020

Today it's halloween, anyways, all Thanks to everyone for giving me candy on GameJolt, We will make another halloween special video and uploading it to YouTube, Have a Happy Halloween to all People and AnimasterTubers.


- Animaster

New name in 2021? - September 27, 2020

This is an important AnimasterTube update, The name of the website will be changed to the new name of the website named "CyanmasterTube" soon in 2021, just because i will change a new username soon in 2021, so i'm not called Animaster anymore in 2021, and The name of the website is not called AnimasterTube anymore in 2021, We apologized for new name in 2021, Thank you for reading this!

We forgot to say, We have a new logo for 2021, it will be changed soon.


Stats in September 27, 2020!


Pageviews: 18.265
Visits: 2.318
Pages / Visit:  ø 8
Members:  54

- Animaster


The Old Website was hacked - July 26, 2020


AnimasterTube is actually created in Jan 7, 2020, and now old website was hacked by impersonation account named "boiguyim", we decided to bringing back all pages

- Animaster